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Welcome to OmPoint Innovations

As you will see, we are involved in many Big Data projects; some highly technological with Spark (using Scala and Java) and practical Big Data applications, and others which are more intuitive and human, even spiritual.

OmPoint’s Focus Technologies
  Laurent WeichbergerOur focus Big Data technologies are Spark, Hadoop, Cassandra, Couchbase, Scala, and Java, however we will use whatever tools are deemed best for any given solution. We provide the following services:

Scala and Java Development and Training (ILT)
  Big Data Software Code Review
  Big Data Technology Mentoring
  Big Data Courseware Authoring and Editing
  Scala and Java based Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) Training and Consulting

Our services are individually tailored to a client's specific requirements.

We provide tremendous flexibility in our process to change as the requirements change, which these days can be from day to day.

In addition we provide solutions for multimedia projects using internet, video, print publishing, copy and graphics (as well as other methods) to ensure happiness in all fields.

The soul of Big Data is innovation, and we communicate that through all of our client work as well as our research and development of original software.


We strive to help others in a service-oriented environment. If you need help, please contact us for an immediate consultation and needs assessment. If you would like to be part of a team that offers services to those who need help, we are always interested in what each one has to offer. Not all of our work is reflected in this site, but over time it will be more and more. Sometimes, realizing the limitations of a situation is just as valuable as having a glorious vision of what is possible. We do both.

It is always easy to find people to write code from a spec. We are visionaries. We can help you envision and also to take the practical steps to make your vision a “reality.” Things are not always as they seem. There is more to life than Java, or computers, we all know that and we believe that it is this ability to see a bigger picture while remaining acutely aware of the tiny details that gives us a clear vision of what is needed to manifest a healthy project. Ultimately, we remember that it is a human being, or a group of people, which manifests any project. OmPoint is all about manifestation.

Let us help you.

What’s new at OmPoint (August 22, 2015)

I just started writing some Apache Spark applications in Java. Here is a blog post at LinkedIn about the most recent one using Spark Streaming with Twitter.

[From July 10, 2015] Starting June 15, 2015 Laurent has once again resumed work as an independent consultant after having done full time Big Data work at Hortonworks (with Hadoop), DataStax (with Cassandra), and Couchbase (with Couchbase Server and RxJava Observables). His new consulting work will focus on Big Data implementing all of those technologies, now including Apache Spark. Also, during June 2015 OmPoint was formally incorporated as OmPoint Innovations, LLC. This process started in 2004 with the investment by Don E. Stevens, and we have now realized that dream. We are also hiring in Ashland, Oregon as well.

[From 2011] As a free man once again, Laurent launched himself back into the Java (and related technologies) training and business development, including courseware development. Also of high interest (no J.P.Morgan pun intended), was his acquiring of both ScrumMaster and Scrum Product Owner certifictaions from the Scrum Alliance.

We believe that Scrum, and other Agile methodologies are here to stay, and we are actively working to create innovative courses in this arena. Om.

[From October 16, 2007] Starting March 30, 2007 Laurent accepted full time employment as a Senior Developer of web applications (and other apps) for J.P.Morgan Retirement Plan Services as a remote developer living in Flagstaff. Laurent subsequently resigned from J.P. Morgan during Decmeber 2010.

May all beings be happy, may all beings be free.

Laurent Weichberger
Big Data Bear


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