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New Book (2023): Listen up y'all Radio interview (at time mark 21:33) at WCNI in Connecticut with Laxmi Sylvie Dady and myself in discussion about our new book: 21 Spiritual Lessons for the 21st Century, by Laxmi Dady and Laurent Weichberger (Asheville: OmPoint Press, 2023).
Thanks to Allie for hosting!


New Book (2022):

An Almost Perfect Balance' width=

Asheville, NC [November 15, 2022]: Today local Asheville author Laurent Weichberger has released his new book, An Almost Perfect Balance, the Authorized Biography of Don E. Stevens (Asheville: OmPoint Press, 2022), 886 pp. This publication was funded by a grant from Beads on One String Foundation, an organization created by Don Stevens before his passing in 2011. Don was a preeminent Western disciple of the Persian spiritual master Avatar Meher Baba (b. 1894 in Pune, India, d. 1969 in Meherazad, India).

Avatar Meher Baba said: “Don has an almost perfect balance of head and heart.”
Don lived his life from 1945 until 2011 under the guidance of Avatar Meher Baba, first in a Sufi order directed by Murshida Rabia Martin, and then later in Sufism Reoriented, under Meher Baba's direct guidance, and then finally he was released from his role in Sufism, and worked directly with and for Meher Baba. One of the many remarkable qualities of Don Stevens is that he was a Vice President at Chevron Oil (formerly Standard Oil of California) for the entire period of his discipleship with Meher Baba.
This put him in a unique position to serve both an Eastern spiritual master, and a Western Big Oil firm. Furthermore, as a Sufi, his simultaneous knowledge of both business and mysticism was unparalleled in the 20th century. This is part of the story of balancing the head and heart. Another aspect of his journey is that he was bisexual, at a time when he was not permitted by society to come out.

Don Stevens embraced his life mission fully and with exuberance. It fueled not only his actions but it propelled many connected to Don to take up the mission of love and truth which Don found with Meher Baba. Don explored the nature of consciousness according to Meher Baba, through connection to others on the spiritual path, including fellow aspirants and devotees of Meher Baba. His life was about finding that light and truth which lives in all our hearts, and distilling practical ways of pursuing, implementing, and imparting that truth to those who came into his fold. This book covers Don's entire life, including 90 chapters by Laurent and his many contributing authors, with dozens of images, and seminal correspondence with Avatar Meher Baba. Twenty years in the making:

Introduction, by Cynthia and Richard Griffin
Part I: 1919 – 1929
Part II: 1930 – 1939
Part III: 1940 – 1949
Part IV: 1950 – 1959
Part V: 1960 – 1969
Don Stevens, by Rick Chapman

Chapter: Image Archive (29 photos)
Part VI: 1970 – 1979
Don's Work with Groups, by David Lee
Don and France, by Francoise and Daniel Lemetais
Don and Intuition, by Kathryn Harris

Part VII: 1980 – 1989
Memories of Don, by Debbie Sanchez

Part VIII: 1990 – 1999
Don and Groups, by Cynthia and Richard Griffin
Jill Davis Talks with Don Stevens
Wise Counsel, Intuition and The Sweetness, The Don in Central Australia, by Craig San Roque
A Posthumous Truing Conversation with Don E. Stevens, by Neale Lundgren

Part IX: 2000 – 2009
Don's Last Book, by Wayne Smith

Part X: 2010 – 2014
Don Stevens, by Charles Haynes
Don's Story for Laurent, by Jan Baker
In His Service, by Irma Sheppard and Karl Moeller

Appendix A:
Francis Brabazon writes to Don
Appendix B:
Exploring Don's Natal Chart, by Marlena Applebaum

The Last Word, by Vanessa Weichberger

There was as book launch in Weaverville NC on December 17, 2022 and a short talk (with Q&A session) by Laurent Weichberger and Sevn McAuley.
The video recording of this talk can be viewed here.

The Book Is Now Available From Fine Book Sellers:
Sheriar Books
Barnes & Noble

Wholesale orders: Email us at OmPoint Press: ompoint (at) gmail (dot) com.

~ And other booksellers worldwide. ~

New Videos (as of 2023):

Play the new YouTube video: Laurent Weichberger on An Almost Perfect Balance

Play the new Interview with Todd Armstrong at GodCast (July 2021):

Play "Shireen Mai, Mother of God" by Joe DiSabatino. Readers from USA, Canada, England, and India portray the young Merwan, Shireen and family, as well as other key characters.
The play is a dramatization of the historic events that shook their household in 1913-1915.
This was a unique international Meher Baba virtual theater event!

InstaGram Conscious.hotline: Laurent Weichberger interviewed by Lakshmi Dady, topics include, "Forgiveness, Surrender, and The Avatar"

East West Satsang (Mumbai and USA Baba-groups hosted) Aug. 2020, Laurent Weichberger's seminar "Surrender with Meher Baba"

Laurent Weichberger's seminar (for his employer, Hahsmap, Inc.) on "Surrender with Meher Baba"

A Spotless Mirror, Episode 1 ~ Laurent Weichberger, "The Delusion of Drugs on the Spiritual Path," an interview by Ben Ihloff (September 2020)

A Spotless Mirror, Episode 2 ~ Laurent Weichberger, "Divine Introductions to Meher Baba," interviewed by Ben Ihloff (September 2020)

A Spotless Mirror, Episode 3 ~ Laurent Weichberger, "Surrendering to The Divine Will," interviewed by Ben Ihloff for A Spotless Mirror (September 2020)

A Spotless Mirror, Episode 4 ~ Laurent Weichberger, "Union," interviewed by Ben Ihloff for A Spotless Mirror (September 2020)

Episode 5: Laurent Weichberger on "Perfectly Human" an interview by Ben Ihloff, A Spotless Mirror

Recent Seminars:

Surrender with Meher Baba (East-West Satsang) August 29, 2020. (See video above).

Surrender with Meher Baba seminar at Paul DiStefano's home (Fall 2017).

Forgiveness and Surrender with Meher Baba seminar, Avatar Meher Baba Circle of Friends Center, Myrtle Beach, SC (Feb. 2020)

Recent books and Articles:

Surrender with Meher Baba, by Laurent Weichberger & Companions (Wilmington: OmPoint Press, 2020): BUY ON AMAZON NOW

Forgiveness with Meher Baba, by Laurent Weichberger & Companions (Wilmington: OmPoint Press, 2016): BUY ON AMAZON NOW

Article ~ "Surrender with Meher Baba," by Laurent Weichberger was published in The Glow Magazine (Spring 2018): Subscribe to The Glow Here

Three Snapshots of Reality, by Don E. Stevens with Wayne Smith (London: Companion Books, 2014), Laurent contributed a chapter on Don's life. BUY FROM AMAZON HERE

Article ~ Don E. Stevens, My Beautiful Big Bear and an Elder Brother in Avatar Meher Baba’s Love, by Laurent Weichberger (Los Angeles: Love Street Breezes, May 2012) pp. 54 - 57.

Apache Spark Software Development:

Here are my recent blog posts about applications I wrote, or helped to write, with Spark and Spark Streaming:

Use Case :: Writing a Pandas DataFrame to Hadoop HDFS using Python (Dec. 2019)

Use Case: Kerberos Enabled Kafka Producer using Python (Py4J) and Java (Nov. 2019)

Use Case Discovery Workshop :: Performance Improvement Convert HiveQL To Spark SQL (Aug. 2018)

Use Case Discovery Workshop :: Apache Spark Performance Tuning with HDFS and H2O by Yingyue Teng, and Laurent Weichberger (2018)

Part I: Apache Spark & Twitter with DataFrames and Machine Learning in Java (August 2015)

Part II: Apache Spark Streaming with Databricks, Twitter4j, and DataFrames in Scala (October 2015)

Part III: Databricks and Apache Spark, with Spark Streaming, Twitter4j, DataFrames and Machine Learning (ML) KMeans 1.4. in Scala (October 2015)

Forgiveness with Meher Baba Seminars:

Sacramento, CA Meher Baba group: June 2012

Los Angeles, CA Baba group: August 2012, and August 2013.

Chicago, IL Baba group: November 2012

Myrtle Beach, SC Baba group: November 2012

Berkeley, CA Baba group (3 seminars): April 2013 through Fall 2013.

Mariposa, CA Meherana Baba group: January 2014

New York, NY Baba group: March 2014

Myrtle Beach, SC Meher Baba group: August 1, 2015 (Part I),
and October 10, 2015 (Part II)

The Doorbell of Forgiveness by Don E. Stevens and his young people's group (London: Companion Books, 2011)BUY ON AMAZON NOW

On Rainbow Flags article by Laurent Weichberger Flagstaff, Arizona.
Printed in Love Street Lamp Post Copyright (c) 2007 by L. Weichberger.

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Issuu has published our OmPoint International Circular to the world:

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A Celebrating Divine Presence: Journeys into God information page is here now

Celebrating Divine Presence: Journeys into God
(London: Companion Books, 2008) New book from Companion Books: 392 pages with dozens of sacred images. By Laurent Weichberger, Yaakov Weintraub, Lopon Tsultim Wangmo, Thomas M. Knoles, Kelly W. McCabe, Haring Singh Khalsa, Ameeta Vora, Mary Esther Stewart, and Karl Moeller. With an Introduction by Jane Chin, Ph.D. and a Foreword by Don E. Stevens.

The Flagstaff Celebrating Divine Presence book reading event (November 7, 2009) article by Betsey Bruner is here.

Celebrating Divine Presence: Journeys into God article for Earth Odyssey
by Laurent Weichberger (July 2009)

Doorways of Lefkes: Islands of Greece, photography by Laurent Weichberge

Portals of Promise: East meets West in harmony and peace.
A Photography show by Laurent Weichberger at La Bellavia in Flagstaff (January 1, 2010).

(Now available):
Download Page for OmPoint International Circular #1
Is Here Now.

Go Directly to the OmPoint International Circular #1
PDF Here.


Recently completed porting of two J2EE courses for a client, one for Eclipse with Sysdeo and Tomcat, and the other for Eclipse with MyEclipse and WebLogic 8.

De Jungste Tag | The Youngest Day, I helped to cretae a partial English translation of this spiritually important book translated by Ursula and Dieter Lange in Darmstadt, Germany.

Software - Groovy presentation, for J-SPRING 2004 event, on behalf of Trivera Technologies. Laurent started to learn the Groovy programming language (Groovy JSR-241) and created an original Groovy slide show, wrote and tested original Groovy code for work with XML, Groovlets, SQL, and more.

Recent Seminars and Presentations
The New Humanity, and How do we Experience to God (Baba) in our Daily Life (Practical Spirituality)?
facilitated by Laurent Weichberger at Meherabode
in Los Angeles, CA, June 8, 2008.

Meher Baba’s Word and His Three Bridges by Don Stevens with Laurent Weichberger:
May 29 & 30, 2004 in New York City
June 5 & 6, 2004 in Salem, MA


Celebrating Divine Presence: Journeys into God (London: Companion Books, 2008) interview with Laurent Weichberger in Myrtle Beach (Oct. 2011).

Published Books

New Book - Meher Baba’s Gift of Intuition, 15 Essays, by Don E. Stevens & Companions (Companion Books, 2006) [NOW AVAILABLE from just click link above]

Paperback (5" x 8")

197 pp.

One day in the 1960s Meher Baba shared with those close ones gathered around him in Mandali Hall that his Avataric Gift to humanity is that of "intuition." Don Stevens was present on that occasion and has not forgotten the power of Baba's statements about intuition which followed up on Baba's rather casual delivery of this news. We read in Discourses, The Avatar (Volume III, p.p.13-14) where Baba has stated, "Avataric periods are like the spring-tide of creation. They bring a new release of power, a new awakening of consciousness, a new experience of life-not merely for a few, but for all. Qualities of energy and awareness, which had been used and enjoyed by only a few advanced souls, are made available for all humanity. Life, as a whole, is stepped up to a higher level of consciousness, is geared to a new rate of energy. The transition from sensation to reason was one such step; the transition from reason to intuition will be another." Aside from this quote in Discourses, it is not easy to find a reference between the great transition Baba speaks of and this Avataric Gift. Now, for the first time in book form Don Stevens, with a group of companions, has taken the time to thoroughly contemplate the meaning of this Avataric Gift of Intuition, and they eloquently share the fruits of that contemplation. Don writes in the introduction to the book about his experiences with Baba in Mandali Hall when Baba shared directly about intuition. Then in the chapter The Role of Sanskaras, Don clarifies the relationship between intuition and sanskaras. He also shares two of his most recent personal intuitions in the chapter Sacred Mountains. Having read them, I can only say that they will go down in history as phenomenal, to say the least. The companions who have created essays on this vast subject are all Meher Baba followers, coming from all walks of life and all areas of the globe. They have all dug deeply into their years-long (and in some cases decades-long) relationship with Beloved Baba to attempt to articulate a most difficult process of receiving intuition, intuitive perception and guidance. In part one of the book, Facets of the Avatar's Gift, we are treated to eight complete essays (including one by Don already mentioned) as follows:

  • The Nature of Intuition by Kendra Crossen Burroughs
  • The Scope and Levels of Intuition by Stuart Baker
  • Making Intuition Practical by Thomas J. Hickey
  • Major Sources for Intuition by Laurent Weichberger & Jack C. Small
  • Obstacles, Blocks, and Dangers by Julia Brennan, Gary Miller, Debbie Sanchez, and Marjorie Sucoff
  • Intuition and Truing by Neale Lundgren
  • Intuition and the Master by Cynthia and Richard Griffin

  • In part two of the book, which is dedicated to individual experiences, we have another perspective based on what a different collection of authors have perceived directly, as follows:
  • Norma Finds Her Approach to God Speaks by Norma Miles
  • Muscular Intuition by Don E. Stevens
  • Intuition and Childhood Experience by Joanie Agin
  • Intuition in Daily Life by Wayne Smith
  • An Experience of Intuition by Kenneth Lux
  • Ping-Pong and Mental Flatulence by Steve Sakellarios
  • An Adventure in Intuition by Ann Speirs
  • To top it all off, the last section of the book is Quotations from Meher Baba on Intuition. This comprehensive compilation contains ten pages of all the Meher Baba quotes available on the subject. This book is a virtual power-plant of insights into the many forces that come into play around intuition, including some concepts and techniques that are experimental and new. There is not enough space in the Love Street Lamp Post for me to properly review all of the deep and soulful writing that takes place in the pages of Meher Baba's Gift of Intuition except to announce that it is a must have for all those who wanted to know intuitively where to start on this bold new adventure with our Beloved Master, Avatar Meher Baba.

    Mandali Email by Bhau Kalchuri and Don Stevens (Companion Books, 2005)

    Paperback (8" x 11")

    79 pp.

    This large book is filled with the most poignant email correspondence between two of Avatar Meher Baba’s Mandali, Bhau Kalchuri and Don Stevens.  They touch upon some of the most spiritually important topics of the 20th century that are bound to be discussed by followers of Meher Baba for hundreds of years to come.  This is a must-read for anyone seriously questioning what Meher Baba has put forth for the New Humanity.

    Published Book

    - A Mirage Will Never Quench Your Thirst, A Source of Wisdom about Drugs, by Laurent Weichberger (Sheriar Foundation, 2003)

    Paperback (pocket-size)
    170 pp.
    This pocket-size format of a compilation of all Meher Baba's quotes on the spiritual implications of using drugs of any kind includes the full collection of quotes by Baba from the original God in a Pill?. With several first person accounts by former users as well as sources of additional information, this new booklet will be an invaluable source of inspiration for those who seek help in understanding the spiritual truth about the effects of using drugs.

    Go to an article Ayahuasca This Way Comes (May 2008) by Laurent Weichberger.

    Go to an Go Directly to the OmPoint Circular #10 PDF on the issuu site here.


    Published Book

    - Meher Baba’s Word and His Three Bridges, by Don E. Stevens with Norah Moore and Laurent Weichberger (Companion Books, 2003)

    This latest volume from Don Stevens, "Meher Baba¹s Word and His Three Bridges", is jam packed with deep sharing, emotionally charged issues, priceless stories, fantastic ideas, contemplative questions, and much more. The entire book is based on the transcript of a two day seminar that he presented to more than thirty Baba-followers in London during May 2003.


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