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About OmPoint
Painting by Eduard Weichberger
Dorf Im Fruhling (Village in Spring)
original painting by Eduard Weichberger. All Rights Reserved

OmPoint Innovations is wholeheartedly dedicated to serving our clients by making wise technology choices, without forgetting the value of the human element, which ultimately drives all healthy projects.

We remember what is essential: a focused mind to analyze and pull down vision to the manifest plane, and a heart-based understanding of complex team building and personnel issues. We help companies and individuals to tune in to what is required for next steps in any project, or endeavor, and then manifest that as an outsourced product, or in direct connection with an existing project team. Our mission is to serve those who need help in moving any venture forward to completion.

We do practical things in a new way to enrich the minds and hearts of those whom we serve. We help others create change in a world that lacks direction about what is best for all concerned. We manifest that which is envisioned, through a clearly defined process which analyzes and then fulfills required steps, for absolute project manifestation.

Meher Baba's Word & His Three Bridges
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Seminars & Presentations - Painting by Eduard Weichberger. All Rights Reserved
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Future Projects - Painting by Philipp Weichberger. All Rights Reserved

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