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Future Projects

OMPOINT FUTURE PROJECTS (Not scheduled, but visible on the horizon):

The Soul of Java (Proposed Book): A comprehensive techincal book about every aspect of Java and certain aspects of Java EE (such as Spring, Servlets, Struts, Hibernate, iBATIS, EJB) and Java 6 SE, including overviews of Agile (with Scrum), Aspect Oriented Programming (with AspectJ), Groovy, and other Java related technologies.

Companion Archives [now cataloguing, indexing and archiving priceless materials associated with the life and work of Avatar Meher Baba of India]

OmVenture - Investment Consulting for undisclosed client, based on balanced outlook of available finances, world trading markets and spiritual understanding.

Meher Baba’s Word and His Three Bridges (Projected Book) [Second Edition] updated and revised with new material from Don E. Stevens and Laurent Weichberger. Additional material has already been collected, we are reviewing the first edition for mistakes, and it is just a matter of time before this second edition comes together.

Meher Baba's Word & His Three Bridges
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Future Projects
Future Projects - Painting by Philipp Weichberger. All Rights Reserved

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