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September/October 2015

Recommendations: Laurent Weichberger as Big Data Bear for Databricks, Inc.
Teaching Spark Development Bootcamp at Strata+Hadoop (9/29 - 10/1).
Apache Spark training was performed in Scala, for forty students using the Databricks software environment.
Instructor average score (on a scale of 1 to 10): 9.16
Laurent created three new Scala lab exercises and a curriculum module on Spark Streaming with Twitter, DataFrames and Machine Learning (using KMeans) called "Putting it All Together," just for this Strata course.

Question on post course student evaluation: "What was your favorite part of the class?"
Some of the many student responses:

"The part about putting it all together." ~ Student 1

"I really liked the Twitter example and the transformations and actions lab with the nice visuals. I am a visual and textual learner. Instructor was great." ~ Student 2

"The applied machine learning lab on Twitter data." ~ Student 3

"The hands on labs!! It was awesome getting to play with spark and databricks this way. I also appreciated that the instructor was flexible with topics and focused on the most valuable aspects of spark."
~ Student 4

"The class instructor and materials were very good. Instructor was knowledgable and helpful." ~ Student 5

"The labs in general was good. The theory portion was also covered in a way I was able to completely grasp the key concepts. The Twitter lab was the highlight of the session.
Thanks to Laurent."
~ Student 6

"The instructor was great.
Love the lab exercises
Liked working in Databricks
Liked section on visualization of spark operations." ~ Student 7

"All are useful, especially the comments on DataFrames. It is so valuable to know DataFrames will be (and is becoming) the trend. The instructor is awesome!" ~ Student 8

"The class is good for pure developers. The instructor is very knowledgeable." ~ Student 9

"Hi Laurent, First of all ~ Thank You ~ for delivering such a wonderful class, one of the best classes I have had.
So glad I made it to Strata and got a spot in your class, I left the place completely washed away in Spark.
Great Materials especially the DNA example and the "Bringing it All Together" deck.
I got my Spark cluster running on AWS and I am sure I will have questions as I get through the Learning Spark book and will tap in to you. ~ Student R.J.

August 2015
Two Recommendations: Laurent Weichberger as Big Data Bear for Databricks, Inc.

You would be very proud of me... I got a green light to try a modified [Agile] Scrum format to the NewCircle quarterly company meeting. Time-boxes for everyone to give their department reports. Discussion got moved to a parking lot. At the end everyone voted on which items to pull from the parking lot and we time-boxed discussion on those. Meeting ended on time at the one hour scheduled and everyone thought it was the most productive meeting we have had.

And I learned it all from you. Thanks Laurent!

Doug Bateman
Director of Training, NewCircle
Agile Scrum (August 21, 2015)

Hi Laurent- First, I would like to thank you for the fantastic course you and Brian put on these past three days.
I already have been able to apply some of the things I learned into my current work ...

Susan Janiszewski, Ph.D.
Research Scientist - NGA Innovision, Booz Allen Hamilton
Foundations of Apache Spark - 3 Days (August 12, 2015)

May 2014
Recommendation Letter: Laurent Weichberger as Sr. Instructor and Curriculum Developer at Couchbase, Inc.

"I was fortunate to take a class that was both developed and delivered by Laurent -- and it was perhaps the best class I've ever attended. It's obvious that Laurent knows how to develop curriculum - great graphics, sharp technical detail, and relevant, meaningful labs. It was truly a joy. And since I develop curriculum I don't say this lightly. I know that few curriculum developers can create great courses. And it is even more rare to find someone who can both develop and deliver a great course. Laurent is a rare find in the Training business."

Tony Duarte
CD220 :: Couchbase Developer Training with SDK 1.4

June 2013
Recommendation Letter: Laurent Weichberger as Sr. Hadoop Instructor

"Laurent worked as a Cloudera Hadoop Developer and Administrator Certified Instructor at Lilien. Laurent very quickly established himself as the most knowledgeable Instructor in the Java/Hadoop domain. His collaborative approach resulted in very high ratings by his Hadoop students. Laurent is a team player and an asset for any organization lucky enough to have him."

Mike Becker, Sr. Manager at Lilien Systems

April 2012
Recommendation Letter: Laurent Weichberger as Sr. Architect and Java Software Engineer at Pacific Controls

"Working with Laurent was both a learning experience for me, as well as a profoundly productive one. Together we navigated our technical team through a very challenging time - the aftermath of an acquisition. In the process, we re-architected a very complex SaaS offering, fully integrating it with the PaaS model developed by the parent company.
In the process, I witnessed first-hand his rare compliment of both soft skill and technical skills. Laurent is an exceptionally good communicator and teacher, and applies those skills in several areas; specifically, he excels at team building and educating team members about the technologies at hand, the trade-offs associated with those technologies and advises the team on prudent paths forward, without imposing those choices in an autocratic manner. Technically, he possesses a deep knowledge of a wide range of Java technologies, and a very thorough understanding of enterprise design patterns.
I couldn't recommend Laurent highly enough."

Rich Barone, Smart Grid and Microgrid Technology Consultant at Navigant

June 2011
Recommendation Letter: Laurent Weichberger as Sr. Java and Spring Instructor for LearningPatterns, Inc.

Laurent was the instructor for a class I took, "Introduction to Spring and Spring Web Flow."
Laurent made a great effort to be engaged with the students in order to understand their background, to make sure the class went in the direction that best fit the class needs overall, and to encourage participation from all students.
Laurent had a very strong understanding of the course materials as well as a strong background/experience in practical application of Spring from which he shared throughout the course.
While Laurent demonstrated a strong understanding of the material, he also was not afraid to admit when he was not sure about a particular point and would report back to the class after researching that uncertainty outside of class either via Google or in some cases after contacting the course author. Further, Laurent was very willing to make the extra effort to meeting student requests such as ensuring we had access to the course exercises or by providing offline examples for more "advanced" questions not covered by the course materials.
While my experience is currently limited to the Spring course, I suspect that Laurent would exhibit the same energy for any course and as such highly recommend any course he leads.

Brian Burress, Software Architect

From March 30, 2007 until December 31, 2010, Laurent worked at J.P. Morgan Retirement Plan Services, in the IT department, under the leadership of Maria A. Mann, CTO, and Pamela A. Popp, CEO.

January 10, 2011
Recommendation Letter: Laurent Weichberger

During the three years that I worked with Laurent, he had a tremendous impact on JPMorgan's Retirement business. Laurent has an entrepreneurial spirit that encourages others to reach their full potential. Leveraging his JAVA certification, Laurent single-handedly wrote the business case, developed the training and testing materials, and conducted numerous classes on JAVA and other J2EE techniques. His class evaluations were resoundingly positive.

Because he was in tune the organization and the target state, he was instrumental in developing the Information Technology Vision, Mission, and Value statements that resonate with the department and with the business. He also led our India strategy working through all the governance and legal materials and developing courseware called "Alike but Different" to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

Laurent possess unique talents in truly understanding where a company wants to go and will support that vision using his excellent technical, written, and presentation skills.

Maria Alvarez Mann
Chief Technology Officer, JPMorgan

Student Evaluation Comments over the years about the skills of Laurent Weichberger

(full evaluations available upon request, some student names and company names have been abbreviated for privacy)

Laurent at work.

From March 2007 through December 2010, Laurent worked at J.P. Morgan RPS IT
and student evaluations are not available for that period.

Painting by Jane Taub. All Rights Reserved

DURING 2007:

The course we took was an excellent course. The instructor was one of the best instructors I have ever had for a technical training. He had a very detailed and deep knowledge of the subject matter and an excellent ability to explain the material.
-- E.B., Ohio Board of Regents, January 2007
Introduction to Spring Framework and Hibernate


DURING 2006:

Excellent course with the apt course title! Fast track to J2EE!
The instructor did an excellent job with each student!
-- J.R., Sr. Systems Analyst, S&P
FastTrack to J2EE, September 2006

I've taken OO overview courses in the past, and this "hands" on course was much more helpful. Since Laurent was capable of teaching me, a "Main Frame, Natural programmer" Java, he can teach anyone. I like the humor Laurent brought to the class, very enjoyable!
-- J.E., Lead Application/Programmer Analyst, Penn State University
January 9, 2006 - Intro to Object Oriented Java Development

It was fun because the instructor was great! [He] did a great job with examples. He showed us the correct method in code, but also the other options which helped me understand why you code by that certain method.
-- A.H., e-Commerce Consultant, Penn State University
January 9, 2006 - Intro to Object Oriented Java Development

From my personal experiences, teaching people who have little or no Object-Oriented and Java background is very tricky and difficult. Laurent did an excellent job to bring those people into the discussion, work on their confusion and drill the important concepts into their mind while keeping the experienced programmers interested and amused :) His "white board" examples are very effective.

Effectiveness of the Instructor: 5 for all areas (on a scale of 1 to 5)
"Note: I don't give the highest rating very often :)"
-- K.DM., System Planning Specialist, Penn State University
January 9, 2006 - Intro to Object Oriented Java Development

This course gave me more than what I expected! The instructor Laurent is an excellent teacher in terms of his teach style, his Java knowledge, his patience and teaching ability that brings the beginner and advanced programmer on the same speed! He also has very interesting personality and point of view on different subjects. I hope all Java training classes will be taught by Laurent.
-- T.S, Sr. Application Programmer, Penn State University
January 9, 2006 - Intro to Object Oriented Java Development

DURING 2005:

Instructor is excellent. Great style in how he presents the material and keeps the class engaged.
-- J.B., September 2005 FastTrack to J2EE

Laurent's interactive style helped me learn more than I would have learned from straight lecture or reading materials.
-- J.M., September 2005 FastTrack to J2EE

The instructor had excellent presentation skills and sound knowledge of the subject matter. He applied the examples to real world problems to which the class could relate.
-- M.B., September 2005 FastTrack to J2EE

Laurent. He can communicate ideas and is willing to understand problems that students are having.
-- N.B., September 2005 FastTrack to J2EE

The instructor clearly knows this topic at a subject matter expert level. He knows how to keep the audience participating involved.
-- S.L., September 2005 FastTrack to J2EE

Look forward to potentially having Struts/JavaServer Faces (JSF) class from same instructor
-- J.B., September 2005 FastTrack to J2EE

My special thanks to Mr. Laurent Weichberger for making this programme very lively and useful. He is one of the best knowledgeable people to train in J2EE. For sure we will recommend our friends to consider taking up the J2EE training in your organization especially with Laurent as the trainer.

-- Chithra S., Senior Software Engineer, LN
Web Application Development with
J2EE Servlets, JSP, Struts and EJB, May 2005

Instructor was fabulous.

-- J.H., MIS Consultant, V.U.

[Instructor was] very knowledgable... overall I will have come away with more Java knowledge than I had before, after taking prior courses offered by "Sun."

--O.A., MIS Consultant, V.U.

[Instructor was] extremely knowledgable.

-- J.A., MIS Consultant, V.U.

...White board visuals were excellent.

-- R.D., MIS Consultant, V.U.

{A Development Solution Consultation}

As tight a grasp as Laurent has on Java topics, he's been equally helpful to me with Microsoft based solutions. Recently, he provided me an elegant solution to the problem of having to run several locally installed Windows applications from a browser client (e.g., Internet Explorer). These applications would typically run on a server in the Citrix environment. In this case they needed to run on the client machine from a browser, but independent of the browser's environment (i.e., the applications needed to have access to the local file system, etc.).

-- Rich Becker, Actuarial Software Developer
Hewitt Associates, March 2005

The 7 day Java for 4GL Programmers/Developers was taught very well.  The instructor Laurent Weichberger had an excellent grasp of the subject matter and related it very well, giving individual attention where needed.  I was very impressed with the instructor and his ability to teach/relate the subject matter.  Excellent job!

Anonymous, M.M.

FastTrack to Java, March 2005

The examples and analogies Laurent used really helped me to understand the concepts he was teaching.  This was by far the best class I’ve taken at M.M. 

-- Judy Alfano , M.M.

FastTrack to Java, March 2005

The instructor was particularly good at explaining complex topics…  To reiterate, the instructor was great.  I can’t think of anything that he should do differently.

--  Anonymous, M.M.

FastTrack to Java, March 2005

I got a very good understanding of the subject material.  The labs went very well.  The instructor was also good at explaining things with diagrams.

--  Anonymous, M.M.

FastTrack to Java, March 2005

…Instructor was very helpful.

--  Anonymous, M.M.

FastTrack to Java, March 2005


DURING 2004:

I had previous experience with Java but Laurent taught the course with great examples and such clarity that it made all of my previous Java knowledge much clearer.

--  Jonathan Hebert, M.M.

FastTrack to Java, May 2004

The instructor did a great job explaining some very difficult material in a short period of time.

--  S. Kosko, M.M.

FastTrack to Java, May 2004

Excellent instructor.  Demeanor conducive to learning.

--  Gary DeVine, M.M.

FastTrack to Java, May 2004

Loved his teaching methods and frequent breaking.  Allowed my attention to refocus.

--  Margaret Orr, M.M.

FastTrack to Java, May 2004

While living in England during 2004, Laurent taught a lot of Java courses at GCHQ in the UK, as well as for other European clients, such as azlan training.  GCHQ is a top-secret government facility, and they do not release any information about their courses or evaluations.  Azlan is a leading training provider in Europe, and their evaluations are not made publicly available.


DURING 2003:

I have a Masters degree in Computer Information Science (CIS) and none of my professors at the university taught as well as Laurent. He has an amazing gift! I hope I can have more classes with him in the future ?
-- Sherrie Sangster, H.A.
FastTrack to Java, March 2003

Laurent is the best instructor I have ever had! He did a great job in giving us “real life” examples for very difficult and abstract material.
-- Tim Marselle, H.A.
FastTrack to Java, March 2003

Laurent is probably one of the best instructors I've had in my 20 year career in Information Systems. He is very clear and precise in explaining the subject matter. He is very knowledgeable. He is helpful and patient. I believe that this course and the manner in which it was taught will help me to retain the knowledge I need to be a successful Java developer.
-- Michael Benoit, M.M.
Fast Track to Java, December 2003

In over twenty years of taking programming courses, Laurent ranks in my opinion as one of my best teachers. He's great at being able to explain complex topics in an easily understood way.
-- David King, M.M.
Fast Track to Java, December 2003

Solid presence at the head of the class. Very confident, extremely knowledgeable, not condescending. Consistent pattern to his presentation of the material.
-- Willie Spradley, Jr, M.M.
Fast Track to Java, December 2003

Laurent did an excellent job explaining the Java language. The material was presented with very good analogies and examples which made it easy to understand.
-- Alan Rabus, Senior Systems Analyst, M.M.
Fast Track to Java, December 2003

I learned a lot from the white board discussions. Laurent used excellent analogies to explain the topics. He really took the time to make sure he explained things so that we understood the concepts thoroughly.
-- Carol Dziok, Systems Specialist, M.M.
Fast Track to Java, December 2003

Laurent is an excellent teacher. He was clear. He kept the focus on what he knew to be the essential concepts without limiting conversation. And he did a very good job assessing the class's readiness to take on something new. It is unquestionably the best "training" class I have taken here at MassMutual.
-- Ed Reilly, Senior Systems Analyst, M.M.
Fast Track to Java, December 2003

Great job. Laurent did a fantastic job of engaging the class and making analogies to the real-world, things we all could understand easily. He made learning Java easy and enjoyable. Great job.
-- Daniel Caron, M.M.
Fast Track to Java, December 2003

Enjoyed the style of teaching instructor exhibited. Instructor would take time out to explain a issue/problem which really helped. Instructor kept the pace moving at a good clip.
-- Keith King, DBA, MD.B.
LP Open Enrollment
Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP), January 2003

Laurent was very good. I especially thought the diagrams he drew on the board (app server, server container, db, etc) were very useful and his discussion on the servlets and the way they work within the app server and other programs.
-- Chris Cheng, J.P.M.C.
LP Open Enrollment
Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP), January 2003

Painting by Jane Taub. All Rights Reserved

DURING 2002:

Laurent did a great job. I have confidence that I can do J2EE.
-- Christopher Vaughan, C.S.
Advanced J2EE, October 2002

Laurent is very knowledgeable and seems to be happy to share his knowledge (doesn't seem like just a job to him.) His examples to real life are very helpful in helping us understand the concepts. Labs helped, instructor's examples helped a lot. Instructor paced the course based on our level and abilities to keep up - I like this better than a "standard pace" not based on the students. It seemed Laurent really cared whether we learned the material or not. Great instructor.
-- Sue O'Connell, C.M.E.
Fast Track to Java April 2002

Outstanding teacher! He used the materials and covered everything (and more!) that he said he would at the beginning. In addition, he showed a talent that made this class one of the best I have ever taken - adjusting the speed and depth of coverage of each topic by sensing everyone's level of understanding. He also did this with breaks - instead of sticking to a schedule, he was very much in touch with the students level of understanding and/or energy; and adjusted the breaks to fit.
-- Doug McLerran, Lead Systems Analyst, C.M.E.
FastTrack to Java, May 2002

The best instructor I've ever had. Clear good explanation of the material, professionalism. Thanks a lot Laurent!
-- Olga Smyrnova, J.P.M.C.
Fast Track to Java, May 2002

Laurent gave perfect real life situations as examples which supplemented course material, he made sure that the entire class understood each concept.
-- Janet Franco, Information Specialist, J.P.M.C.
Fast Track to Java, Jan 2002

White board examples were excellent!
-- Ms. April Neri, C.M.E.
Fast Track to Java, July 2002

I like the fact he discussed and demonstrated things before the slides - he really TAUGHT, didn't just depend on pre-prepared material.
-- Nancy Sexton, C.M.E.
Fast Track to Java, July 2002

This has been the best corporate training class I've had. The class was presented in an innovative way making a very complex topic easier to understand. Especially benefited from the white board discussions. The analogies provided by the instructor were also very helpful.
-- Anonymous, C.M.E.
Fast Track to Java, July 2002

Laurent did an excellent job across the board! He supplemented the material with excellent examples and used non-technical analogies to also help put into perspective the course material. The pace was rigorous, but he spaced use of the white-board, the overhead-slides, and labs in a manner that made learning easy and productive. He also made the class very interactive by getting the entire group to continuously participate, share results, and he was very encouraging of getting us to ask questions - all of which (again) led to a more productive experience. And lastly, he was very good about feedback - positive reinforcement of our lab work, answers, and questions - always letting us know we were on track and making us feel like we were succeeding throughout the course. All of this made the course that much more enjoyable and productive.
-- Craig Pavlina, Senior Systems Analyst, C.M.E.
Fast Track to Java, July 2002

Great Instructor! Delivers information with great examples that makes the subject easy to understand. Thanks!!
-- Lidia Rose, E.
Fast Track to Java, October 2002

Certainly one of the best lecturers that I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. Excellent presentation and ability to transfer knowledge to me.
-- Eugene Kuo, E.
Fast Track to Java, October 2002

Laurent Weichberger did an excellent job. He knows his stuff and is able to explain it well and illustrate it with useful real-world examples. He uses whiteboard, slides and discussion to add variety, retain focus and maintain an appropriate pace.
-- Noel Incley, Architect, E.
Fast Track to Java, October 2002

Laurent is excellent. He communicates well and is very helpful. His analogies to real life were helpful.
-- David Lauer, Systems Analyst, E.
Fast Track to Java, October 2002

I have learned more about Java from Laurent in 4 days then I have from all the other instructors combined that I have had over the last 2 years.
-- Gregory Gunaji, E.
Fast Track to Java, October 2002

Laurent is the best instructor I have ever had for a class. He is personable, knowledgeable, and knows how to teach.
-- Anonymous, E.
Fast Track to Java, October 2002

After allowing the students some time to work on the Labs, he spent time on explaining about the solutions to the labs. This is a very strong point. He is an excellent teacher of Java
-- Bao Ta, Technical Consultant, E.
Fast Track to Java, October 2002

In fully expressing my enthusiasm, I would sound either hyperbolic, as a paid endorser of Laurent, or simply as a bit of a moron. In short, Laurent is among (if not singularly) the most effective presenters of complex and difficult information I have ever experienced. The only possible suggestion I have for Laurent in order to make him more effective, or for me to endorse him more completely, would be for him to rub my shoulders as he was teaching the material.
-- Jonathan Jacobs, Fast Track to Java
LP Open Enrollment, December 2002

Laurent did an excellent job of presenting the material and showed great patience with the students' questions. The overall atmosphere of the class was casual and friendly, but focused. Superb job!
-- Kevin Riley, C.I.S.
LP Open Enrollment, December 2002

Painting by Jane Taub. All Rights Reserved

Dear Laurent Weichberger:

Please accept my deepest gratitude to you for all the help you have given me, as the founder of Companion Enterprises, in our various charitable activities in connection with the problems of modern humanity, and especially recently in the mountainous need to combat the modern cancer of drug use.

Your complete mastery of the art of linking the use of computers to our contemporary technology in so many different manners has made this past year of our efforts both extraordinarily more effective as well as free to a remarkable degree from the afflictions that so frequently infect that area of modern communications.

We are all greatly indebted and grateful to you as well for the effective and deeply human understanding you have brought us in this area through your expertise not only with computer technology and its complex of "languages," but also through your unusually wide knowledge in so many fields of modern enterprise. You have our highest recommendation to others to benefit from that unusual breadth of expertise which you exercise.

Warm wishes for your continued success,

Don E. Stevens
London, England
July 12, 2004

Painting by Jane Taub

To Whom It May Concern:

I am president and co-founder of LearningPatterns, and I am writing this letter of recommendation for Laurent Weichberger, who has had a long and successful career with our firm. To state it succinctly, Laurent has been one of the most valuable members of our company, and has made contributions in almost every area including sales, management, and our technical services. It has always been a pleasure to work with Laurent, and I have always found his work to be of the highest quality and his behavior to be of the highest professionalism and integrity.

Laurent joined us as one of our earliest employees at the end of 1996, and except for one break of approximately a year in 1999 has been with us until the present. Laurent started in a sales/business development position, and was the central figure in opening up many of the key accounts that we had at that time. We were a small young firm then, and Laurent contributed a great deal to our company. In fact, due to his vision and his contributions, he became a key player in the development and creation of the company, including running the company as CEO. He eventually left in 1999 to pursue other interests.

Laurent rejoined us in January 2000 as part of our technical services team, and his success here equaled his earlier success with us. Our core business is instructor-led training and mentoring in the challenging area of Java/J2EE and it’s associated technologies. In a very short time, Laurent achieved competency in these areas and became one of our most successful and respected instructors. From his very first teaching assignment with us, Laurent unfailingly fulfilled the needs of our clients, and won the accolades of his students. He is both a gifted communicator, and an accomplished technologist in the Java/J2EE arena.

In addition to his teaching duties, Laurent’s achievements while here included the creation of our Web portal, and creation of our online assessment tool. Both of these efforts were shaped in large part by Laurent’s vision, and managed completely by him. This demanded a combination of skills that it is rare to find in one person.

To sum up, Laurent is one of the most talented, honest, and hard working people that I know. He would be an asset to any endeavor, and I highly recommend him on both a professional and personal level. He has unfailingly delivered in the most demanding of circumstances. If there is anything else I can help you with regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me.


Jacob Weintraub
President, LearningPatterns Inc.

Painting by Jane Taub. All Rights Reserved

Laurent Weichberger
Principal Innovator

Big Data, Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, Couchbase, Scala, Java & JEE Senior Instructor, Mentor, Consultant and curriculum developer.


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