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Curriculum Vitae

Laurent Weichberger
Personal information
Year of Birth - 1968
Job Title - Senior Technical Trainer & Consultant, Software Architect, Developer, Author (books, slides, web), Editor, Presenter, Facilitator
Languages - English, some French


Laurent Weichberger

Experienced Java and J2EE Instructor, Mentor and Senior Project Manager for internal software projects. Has been coaching and training clients all over the world. Capable of leading a team of developers, coaching them and getting the project ready on time. Laurent is a published author.

Certifications and Education
Scrum Alliance: with Mike Cohn, Certified Scrum Product Owner (January 2011)
Scrum Alliance: with Alistair Cockburn Certified Scrum Master
(January 22, 2010; 94%)
JBoss Certified: JBoss Administrator Exam
(August 29, 2006; 98.67% {74 correct out of 75})
JBoss Certified: JBoss for Advanced J2EE Developers Exam
(August 11, 2006; 97% {72.75 correct out of 75})
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.4 (October 1, 2003)
Brainbench Certified: Java 2 Certification (May 14, 2001; transcript ID#2951817)
Brooklyn Technical High School, New York – Chemistry Major
Queensborough Community College, CUNY
Hunter College, CUNY

Courses: JBoss for Developers with EJB3, JSR-168 Portlets with RAD6, FastTrack to Java, FastTrack to Java EE 5, JDBC, Servlets/JavaServer Pages (JSP), JavaServer Faces (JSF), Introduction to EJB, Jakarta Struts, Groovy and more...


March 2007 – Dec. 2010
J.P. Morgan Retirement Plan Services (RPS), Kansas City, MO. Remote office in Flagstaff, AZ.

Certified ScrumMaster:

Since January 2010 worked as ScrumMaster to create FastTrack to Agile with Scrum courseware, and internal RPS development Scrum wiki site. Also contributed to J.P.Morgan RPS "ScrumCentral" Sharepoint site. Worked as ScrumMaster and team member on IT Process Improvement Analysis project (Oct. – Dec. 2010).

Senior Developer:

Started on the MaxPlans development team. Created and updated the MaxPlans product line of web applications: OurMax (Fixed Cash Balance plans) and MyMax, (Traditional DB plans) and other supporting applications. We created and updated a suite of products that designed hybrid (cash balance) Defined Benefit (DB) pension plans. This involved embedding actuarial rules into the software which in turns help the actuaries create complex designs for corporations, thereby speeding up their work tremendously. The software output PDF files, and other types of data. Laurent worked on various software development projects, as well as serving as the lead refactoring developer for OurMax, and lead security advisor.
Responsibilities included:

  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) with UML: Refactoring solution for OurMax.
  • Coding solutions in C# and ASP.NET
  • Creating a comprehensive security plan for ongoing risk mitigation.
  • Creating a comprehensive refactoring plan to bring OurMax to desired target state.

Business Systems Analyst (BSA):
Laurent shifted into the BSA role when the MaxPlans business was spun off. As BSA, he worked on specific technology solutions on the Common Services team, as well as leading efforts for adjacent teams, as needed. Responsibilities include:

  • OOAD with UML: Participant Group Service rewrite/refactor for IVR.project.
  • Functional Specification creation: Non-Qualified Retirement Plans, Secure Message Center, Plan Sponsor Portal Indicative Data, and more...
  • Technical Specification creation using Java, and associated technologies:
    • Spring, iBATIS, Apache Tiles, Ehcache, XML, and more...
  • Interfacing between Business and IT requirements and needs.
  • SDLC guidance and involvement, including working with QA test leads.
  • Wrote 200+ page Java courseware on the above technologies and taught it numerous times at the Kansas City RPS IT HQ (to train the Technical Leads).

India Program Manager:
Since October 2008. Worked to create the RPS IT Mumbai India Office (extension of our RPS IT KC location). Duties included:

  • Creating an "IT Offshore Roadmap" and implementing that plan to hire up to 60 technology FTEs over two years.
  • Travel to India to interview, hire, and train FTEs (60+ currently on staff in Mumbai based on this work).
  • Working with J.P.Morgan Legal, Risk, and other internal J.P.Morgan divisions to ensure healthy Mumbai team creation and sustenance.


Period - March 2000 – March 2007
Role - Senior Instructor /Consultant /Coach
Project - Several.
Work description - Instruction, mentoring and coaching development teams for many customers throughout the world such as:
  • Cisco Systems, San Jose/Boston/NC, USA
  • Government Communications HQ (GCHQ) UK
  • Levob Bank, NETHERLANDS
  • Nortel Networks, Santa Clara, USA
  • Sears, Roebuck, & Co., Chicago, USA
  • Sempra Energy, Los Angeles, USA
  • Hewitt Associates LLC, Chicago, USA
  • Stanford University IS/IT Department, USA
  • Vanderbilt University IT Department, USA
  • USA Department of Defense (SSO)
  • Experian, Costa Mesa CA, USA
  • LexisNexis, Bethesda MD, USA
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange, USA
  • Manhattan Associates, Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Online Business Systems, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Client reviews available upon request.

Development, consulting, and editing of various Java course materials (developed 2002-2004)
Technical Environment - App Server, Java, J2EE, EJB, Servlets, Struts, JSP, XML, Groovy, Unix
Platforms: Sun RI, Tomcat 5.0.16, WebLogic Server 8, Eclipse, MyEclipse, WebSphere Application Developer, Sysdeo
Period - January 2000 – April 2004
Role - Project Manager ~ software
Project - Inc.
Work description - Design, creation, and maintenance of Java eAssessment (testing) product (at
Duties include:
  • Management of over 15 remote employees over a one year period
  • Authoring of Learning Objectives and Questions in the Java programming subject matter
  • Web design and development using Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP)
  • Database design and development using Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and PostgreSQL database
  • Interface with third tier server ASP front end
  • Testing and debugging of all original software
  • Maintenance of all new clients using software


Platforms: Jakarta Tomcat, Linux
Technical Environment - Java Servlets, JSP, ASP, JDBC, SQL, PostgreSQL Database, ASP, QuestionMark Perception for Web
Period - January 2000 – April 2004
Role - Project Manager – web portal
Project -
Work description - Design, creation, and maintenance of, an Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) technology web portal.
Duties include:
  • Understanding of J2EE EJB software component model
  • Artistic design and layout for all pages of the site
  • Creation of alliance relationships with vendors, organizations, and other individuals including:
    1. Hewlett-Packard
    2. Allaire Corporation
    3. BroadVision
    4. ComponentSource
    5. Compoze Software
    6. Computer Associates International, Inc.
    7. Evidian (a Groupe Bull Company)
    9. Fujitsu Software Corporation
    10. GemStone Systems, Inc.
    11. HAHT Software, Inc.
    12. Hands On Technology Transfer, Inc.
    13. HP Bluestone
    14. Information Builders
    15. Mercator Software, Inc.
    16. Netscape Communications Corporation
    17. ObjectSpace, Inc.
    18. ObjectVenture, Inc.
    19. Rational Software Corporation
    20. realMethods, inc.
    21. Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    22. Unify Corporation
    23. WebGain, Inc.
  • Custom creation (authoring) of relevant content for inclusion on the site HTML, assisting with MacroMedia DreamWeaver production
Platform: Linux
Prior Work History Available Upon Request.
1999 - 2000 Board of Directors, Citizens Against Substance Abuse, Flagstaff, AZ
1999 - 2001 Co-founder, Board of Directors, The Light House, Flagstaff, AZ
2002 - 2010 Board of Directors, Companion Enterprises (BVI)
2004 - 2010 Advisory Board, Pumpkin House for Children USA, Athens, GA
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